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The Kohl’s Tonto Creek Subdivision Homeowner’s Association is an active, yet  voluntary HOA.  The annual dues is currently only $100 per property owner and is utilized  for:   subdivision roads dust control and repair, landfill fees for the annual clean-up day, necessary insurance premiums, playground maintenance and property taxes, semi-annual potlucks and miscellaneous supplies.  Two general meetings are held each year, usually in January and July per the By-Laws.  The business portion of these meetings is traditionally preceded by a social potluck and is very well attended by the residents.  It is at the July meeting that election of the Board of Directors and Officers is held.

The Board of Directors consists of five to eleven  Directors  at-large (including the current President and ex-President) and four Officers.  Only the President and the Directors at-large may vote.

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Current Officers

  • President, Susan Manor
  • Vice President , Denise Wagner
  • Treasurer,  Jerry Bloom

Directors at-Large:

  • Carolyn Ross
  • Rafael Ferreira
  • David Demaine
  • Linda Ribnik
  • Jerry Bloom
  • Susan Manor
  • Mike Williamson

To contact the HOA please email: krhoa-bod@googlegroups.com